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Innovation in Digital Manufacturing

Since 2015 Kvint-R Ltd plays a pivotal role of developing 3D printing in Hungary as the offical competence center of 3D Systems. Our professional machines capable of employing various 3D printing technologies are available in our showroom, and also at your service for 3D print jobs. Short deadline is not a problem!



3D Systems was founded in 1988 in the United States and has developed its professional and highly production 3D printers ever since. Thanks’ to the dazzling technological innovations of the last 10 year and a number of acquisitions the company offers 28 different models of 3D printers capable of using five different types of printing technology (SLA, SLS, MJP, CJP, DMP).

The devices offered by 3D Systems are considered professional and production according to their technical parameters and precision.

Professional 3D printers

Professional 3D printers are completely different from small sized appliances designed for home use. The machines use high quality raw materials and the output of professional printers is first and foremost highly detailed, repeatable and possesses dimensional stability.

Even after large number of iterations these printers serve with outstanding dimensional accuracy making the 3D printing devices ideal producing different kinds of samples required in R&D (Research and Development), also helping to make modifications in the CAD/CAM system. The devices make it possible to manufacture visual aids for presentations or concept models for designers. Most of 3D Systems’ printers are capable of fabricating rapid prototypes depending on size and form and are very useful in reducing time between the planning phase and the first manufactured model.


Production 3D printers

Supreme characteristic of the 3D printers offered by our company is the “ready to run” function which means that parts and products can be immediately presented, built in or otherwise  put to use. Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering and Direct Metal Printing technologies are all available among the productions 3D printers.

The parts manufactured by these machines open new horizons for designers since these machines make it possible to produce parts which been prevented by construction, manufacturing constraints. By using all the functions of this new technology mass and size reduction is also possible.